Non-Ferro Snares

Although I don't want to commit to "only" non-ferrous snares. But these non-ferrous snares have been the start of a hobby that has turned into a passion

Drum Kits

It has always been my dream to ever build my own drum set. During my retirement I had the time to realize that dream. It didn’t only remain to building.

Drum Parts

By buying, selling, constructing and converting drums and drum sets, you will automatically end up in the necessary parts. Hence the drum parts section on my site.

My name is Bert and since a few years I’m enjoying my retirement. I’ve always have had busy jobs and hardly any  time for hobbies. However, these days I have the time to make music and build drums

What I Do

Dark Blue Copper Snare BESC

I particularly enjoy working on the design and building snares, but I also enjoy the refurbishment, upgrading and building of drum sets and single drums.
 If you have any questions about what is on my site, please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether you would like to build or to buy a drum kit or have questions about, engineering, building, renovating, upgrading, or repair, please contact me. Answering questions is free, it’s my hobby and I like to share my experience and knowledge.