Tama 14x12 Snare Birch BESC


An as good as new Mega snare Tama Starclassic Birch 14 X 12 Inch. You should not only see this, but you should also hear this.
It is certainly unique because I don’t think you will find a second one.

Can be executed as hanging tom or as floor tom on legs.
Costs depending on the option.

Snare-mat new, sheets new, die-cast hoops new, strainer and but new, all mounting screws new (were originally “galvanized”) are now black according to new Tama standard, Air vent hole new (was damaged). No damage to the paint, which looks brand new, inside as usual with drums new, lugs as good as new.

Tama Snare Starclassic 14" X 12"

Bronze tom tom 8'x 5,5 BESC


BESC drums, produces the drums through riveted sheet metal rather than the classic die-casted shell. The riveted seam connection was inspired from the steam boilers in the old fashion days and perfectly serves this application and it gives the drum a violent visual appearance

BESC Tom Tom
8" X 5½" Bronze

Combined design Pearl Tama tom tom bracket

Aprox. 110€

A 12 X 10 inch Tom Tom hanging on one (1) Tama bracket was a rather unstable support instead of the intended flexible support. To solve that, I made a second bracket which is a an combination bracket of Pearl and Tama that supports the bottom of the drum through the edge of the hoop.

12" X 10" Tom Tom with Double Bracket

Combined design Pearl Tama tom tom bracket

The disadvantage of the combi bracket is the cost of two supports, 1 x the Pearl ISS 12-16 and 1 x the Tama MQMP-FCH or FBN plus the time needed for modification.

Advantage is an expensive new Tama Star-Cast-Mounting system (special hoop) is not required  and another advantage is the newly designed combination support is more flexible.

Approx. 110 €

Approx. 75 €

Tama Bass Drum Converted to Floor Tom

Bass Drum Conversion to Floor Tom.

Assignment: Turn a Bass Drum into a Floor Tom and vice versa. Requirements: without permanent change / damage to the shell of the drum.

1) Idea

2) Engineering

3) Fabrication

4) Assembly

Used Parts:

Pearl OPT1516 Optimount for Tom’s (53€)

Tama MSB10 Spur Bracket (20€)

3 x Gibraltar Floor Tom Legs 12 mm (25€)

Fabrication of extension

Approx. 140 €

TAMA Starclassic renovate kit

Bass Drum Woofer (Link two Bass Drums and create a Bass Woofer).

Assignment: Link two Bass Drums and create a bass drum woofer.

Requirements: without permanent change / damage to the shell of the drums.

Price is based on 2 Tama 22-8H Hoops and required materials and time

Approx. 120 €