Do It Yourself

Drum Kit Bubinga Wood BESC
Self made drum kit (BESC) Bubinga/Chesnut in original wood Finish.
MY DIY Kit Black
Self made drum kit as above (BESC) Bubinga/Chesnut in Black Finish.
Birch Tama Imperialstar
Renovated Tama Imperialstar in Grey Finish

My name is Bert and since a few years I’m enjoying my retirement as owner and manufacturer of BESC-Drums. From a young age, I’ve always had busy jobs never allowing me to enjoy producing drums as I can today. For a long time it has been my dream to create my own drum custom set.  When finally completing my first kit, the dream didn’t disappear. I started renovating and upgrading several drums sets in conjunction with the design and manufacturing of my “special” non-ferrous snares.

Following is about the “special” Snares drums:

Major drum manufacturers produce many different types of snare drums. There is an enormous range of materials used for all different type of snare drums. The range of materials is huge however the metal shells and especially the Bronze, Brass  and Copper shells are the top of the market. The Tama brand is my core inspiration due to its fantastic design and perfect quality on anything they produce. They have a tremendous bronze Snaredrum designed and produced, the “Starphonic Bell Brass PBB146”. Price 2199€ (at 2019). And also Sonor have a fantastic bronze snare, the HLD590. Unfortunately, the prices run high and it is only for the happy few of us to own such a snare. This formed the inspiration for the start of a design and manufacturing of a series of non-ferrous snares by myself.

The manufacturing process is expensive and tedious. For this reason BESC drums produces the drums through riveted sheet metal rather than the classic die-casted or welded shell. The riveted seam connection was inspired from the steam boilers in the old fashion days and perfectly serves this application and it gives the drum a violent visual appearance

The current portfolio contains two bronze snare drums, three copper and 2 aluminum snare drums. First reactions from drummer’s and-commercial retailers were amazing.  The feedback and enthusiasm was immense for both the design and the sound. There is no current manufacturer that makes snare drums via this unique process. Furthermore the production can be done hand-crafted, at half the price.

The most special feature is the wall thickness. Most companies produce metal snares with a rather thin wall thickness (1 to 1,5mm). BESC-Drums have a minimum wall thickness of 3 mm (as the PBB146 from Tama and the HLD590 from Sonor) and therefore a milder sound warmth and definition.  These characteristics make it an excellent first choice for all recording artists.

Another special option is that the drums are riveted. This became a standard option that was decided out of manufacturing necessity but which gives the drum a violent visual appearance.

Do It Yourself

Tama Birch Superstar Walnut BESC
Refurbished & Ugraded Tama Superstar Rock Kit from Black into natural Walnut Finish
Tama Birch Superstar Walnut BESC
Refurbished & Ugraded Tama Superstar Fusion Kit from Black into natural Walnut Finish
Drum Kit Bubinga Zwart BESC
Refurbished & Ugraded Tama Starclassic (2008) Rock Kit from Red to Black Finish
Copper snare
Copper snare Blue Green BESC
Copper snare
Copper snare 14x6,5 Dark Blue BESC
Copper snare
Dark Blue Copper Snare BESC
Bronze snare
Brown Black Bronze Snare BESC
Bronze snare
Bronze snare 14x6 Brown-Black welded BESC
Alu. snare
Alu Snare BESC